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The Steps Involved at a Glance

You are just a few steps away from the care you need. Choosing a center often begins with the location, followed by the services provided. We offer easy access to information in these six steps. We designed a way for you to locate our closest Regency center and know the services offered.

Basic Documents Needed

We need some documents to help us complete your applications, maintain your health files, and offer the care you need.

  1. Personal Identification, such as a social security card, driver’s license, or other government ID, like a passport
  2. Insurance Cards
  3. Supplemental or Secondary Insurance Cards
  4. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Status
  5. Power of Attorney or Durable Power of Attorney documents
  6. Guardianship documents
  7. Living Will and/ or Advance Directives
  8. Medical records from primary physician or hospital
  9. Physician admissions orders

Things to Bring

While we provide the basics that you need, we’ve found our patients may feel even more comfortable with basic personal necessities.

  1. Clothing for seven days. We provide laundry service.
  2. Athletic clothes like sweatshirts and pants, T-shirts and shorts
  3. Non-skid shoes or athletic shoes, non-slip socks, or non-slip house shoes
  4. Pajamas, a robe, and slippers with tread or traction
  5. Toiletries and personal hygiene products
  6. Dentures, hearing aids, glasses
  7. Splints, braces, orthotics, and customized equipment — such as a wheelchair — that you are using at home
  8. Assistive devices you own, such as a cane or walker
  9. Bring your cell phone and charger. Although there will be a phone in your room, bringing your cell phone ensures that you have contact information for your friends and family members.
  10. Personal items to make you resident feel at home, such as picture frames, a blanket or a quilt, etc.
  11. Each facility has Wi-Fi, and patients and residents have access to a community computer.

Best Left At Home

Because of fire codes and the general safety of other patients, residents, and staff, here are a few items we ask that you keep at home.

  1. Over-the-counter medicines
  2. Any preparation or substance bearing a warning statement
  3. Portable heaters
  4. Electric blankets
  5. Cooking and ironing equipment
  6. Coffee and cup heating elements
  7. Throw rugs
  8. Sharp objects (razor blades, straight razors, knives, push pins)
  9. Chemical products (flammable liquids, laundry, house cleaning products, aerosol cans)
  10. Extension cords or power strips
  11. Don’t bring valuables, such as jewelry, tablets, and laptops.
  12. Don’t bring credit cards or cash, aside from a few dollars for the vending machine.
  13. Smoking or tobacco products, matches, lighters, other smoking paraphernalia, or illegal substances. There are designated smoking areas and times, please speak to your facility to find out more details.

What to expect during the Admissions Process

  • Upon arrival, our staff will assist in acclimating you to your room.
  • Our nurse will be in contact with your referring hospital and discharge orders will be discussed.
  • Your medications will be ordered according to the physician’s orders received from the hospital and delivered to our facility.
  • Please be aware your medications may differ from what you were previously taking in the hospital.
  • An Admissions and/ or Business Office team member will review admissions and financial paperwork with you or the responsible party.  You will be asked questions regarding preferences for several services to include laundry and dining.
  • If ordered, a therapy evaluation will be scheduled after admission.
  • Each of our facilities follow state and federal COVID-19 protocols.  Please review how they will apply to your stay with us.