Am I Covered?

Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

The long-term healthcare industry is changing and so are Medicare and Medicaid eligibility requirements. Here is an overall summary of Medicare and Medicaid eligibility for Texas Long-Term Care coverage. There are exceptions throughout this process, so please consult with one of our business office or admissions staff members to discuss your specific circumstances.


Medicare: What is it?

Medicare Part A is a federal health insurance program that guarantees access to health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older who have worked and paid into the system. Younger people with certain disabilities are also eligible to receive Medicare regardless of income. 

Medicare Part A: How do I qualify for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Care in a Long-Term Care facility?

  • Must require skilled nursing or therapy services on a daily basis.
  • Meet with a facility Business Office Manager to verify SNF benefits available. To find your facility, click here
  • Must have a consecutive hospital stay depending on the insurance plan.


Regency Integrated Health Services has a Medicaid Eligibility Processing Department (MEPD) staffed with experienced Medicaid Specialists dedicated to assisting families navigate steps to obtain Medicaid approval and qualify for Texas Medicaid. 

Applying for Medicaid can be confusing and our team can assist you with those tough questions.  We offer specialized services FREE of charge. Many elder law attorneys, and third-party Medicaid assistance companies charge thousands of dollars for their services. 

Our MEPD Services:

• Help you to gather the right information to apply for Medicaid.
• Provide a dedicated Medicaid specialist. 
• Draft Qualified Income Trust documents, and notarize Power of Attorney paperwork. 
• Provide helpful and individualized assistance.
• Support you through the eligibility process from start to finish.

Please contact a facility Business Office or contact our office:
361-412-6030 or email us:


Medicaid: What is it?

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps low-income Americans pay for long-term care. Medicaid eligibility for Long-Term Care is determined by State of Texas, not by the facility. 

Medicaid: How do I qualify?

  • Must be a resident of Texas and U.S. citizen or alien with approved status (e.g., legalized or permanent resident alien).
  • Additionally financial and medical necessity requirements must be met.